Sorry for posting this in the wrong forum, but I see no forum for ZCM10
(Zenworks Configuration Management 10), which should be changed when
someone can.

We are currently testing ZCM10, but cannot get the PXE boot to work
across our WAN. We have added the proper ip helper-address and enabled
all pxe services on the server, but still have no luck getting the PC's
to pick up DHCP. When we start the services back on our zen 7 server
with zfdstart, the workstations at other sites PXE boot fine. But once
we stop those services, we can only PXE from our local LAN/subnet.

We have no ports blocked by a firewall, and all services are running
properly on the ZCM10 server. We also can PXE just fine to the ZCM10
server if we are on the same subnet.

When we PXE, we cannot get past the screen where it says "DHCP ....",
it never finds the proper PXE server.

Please help with any advice or suggestions.

Thank you.