I have an incredibly foolish question.
I see this update has been released but there is no information on exactly
what we need to do w/it.

I have just recently,(read as "today") inherited administration of
BorderManager and I have no real knowledge of the product.

Am I just needing to replace the current clntrust.exe on all of the client
workstations that are using my bordermanager proxy ? anything i need to do
on the server itself?

I can script it to install to the workstations thru my login script if
so....but am I missing something or is there more to it than this ?

According to the update readme, its for Bordermgr 3.8...which is what i'm
running here..3.8 sp5....but thats about all the info I could gather !

Sorry for the stupidity !
I'm hoping someone will take pity on me ! :)