I'm a little lost in LUM.

I've been working with OES Linux in a test environment, trying to get
through any of the gotchas we might encounter when we upgrade from the
Netware based kernel to the SuSE one.

I've got a basic server going, with XP and Vista clients successfully
connecting and accessing the file system.

One of the issues I've put off addressing is LUM. My client machines seem to
work fine, and log into eDirectory without any problem... but I'm worried I
might be missing something.

What exactly does LUM do for me? e.g. what problems and/or features might I
have problems with if I don't enable LUM?

I have 30+ servers. Do I need every eDir account sync'ed with LUM for all of
these servers or ???

I attended a two day seminar about OES - and the only thing they said about
LUM is "you need it", but they couldn't really say why.

Can someone shed some light on this?