Currently: Netware 6.5 SP7
Workstations: WinXP SP2
Client: 4.91

I want to update the client's SP using the Automatic Agent update feature.
The client update agent is enabled at the WS with both locations checked
and Admin checked.

I configured the acu.ini, cuagent.ini, setupsp.ini, and using an
unattended file. If I run the unattended file or setupip.exe manually at
the WS, the update runs through flawlessly. The acu.ini does not have a
'ServicePack' section so I added:

Check = Yes

as indicated in the 491sp4.txt file, section 1.5, that came with the
Novell Client SP4 for Windows.

When I try using the Update Agent option on the client, it reports that no
update can be found. I check all the sections in each .ini file to ensure
that I'm not missing anything but I come up empty! help me please!

Thanks in advanced!