hello there
i want to make a script that determin the size
of the HARD DISK and then - devide it properly
we have computer with 20,40,80 GB hard disks .
in my compeny i need C , D and E partitions
for now C is always 12 GB

somthing like (just that undestand what i meant)
if HD size <= 23GB then togo :20

if HD size <= 43GB then togo :40

img pd1
img pc1 NTFS 12000
img pc3 NTFS 3000
img pc2 NTFS

img pc1 NTFS 12000
img pc3 NTFS 20000
img pc2 NTFS

somthing like that - and if u have a better idea - i`m open.
thank you very much for advance !!