I am getting really frustrated with our HP vendor.

I know I have heard a few of you guys here deal with HP and I thought
one or two of you were also HP vendors. I could really use your help.
I want to obtain a file/print server and possible implement a
SharePoint server.

My first issues I donít really understand a great deal about SharePoint
and my second problem is I donít know what type of HP server would
server this need. We currently have 2 ProLiant DL360s and 5 DL380s. We
are getting rid of 2 of the older 380s to be replaced with a new blade
360 and something for a file/print server.
We are only severing about 150 users and currently need about 500 gig
of storage. So I think 1 TB should work for now, with the ability to
add more when or if needed.

Another dilemma I have is we lease all of our servers for 3 years. It s
a real pain to have to configure new servers all the time to replace
things that donít really need to be replace or canít even be replaced
because the company has changed products but needs to keep the data
stored on the old system.

To some upÖ

1. What type of HP server would suit 1 TB disk space, with Raid 5,
50-80 gig sys partition, 4-8 gig memory, is dual processor needed? And
so onÖ

2. What is the lowdown on SharePoint

3. Is it over kill to lease servers for 3 years

Oh and our current vendor is trying to sell us a $65,000 MSA1500, I
think is a little overkill.