I've enabled the following feature in my password policy "Exclude
passwords that match attribute values".

I've added the following attributes to the list:
Given Name
Full Name

According to the Novell documentation, these attributes should be
checked against a password for partial matches.

Exclude passwords that match attribute values

This allows you to select User object attributes that you want to
exclude from being used as passwords. For example, if you add the Given
Name attribute to the list and the Given Name attribute contained the
value of Frank, then frank, frank1, 1frank, etc. could not be used as
the password.

However, I'm able to enter a password that matches exactly or is a
variant to the attributes values mentioned above.

All other password attributes (such as minimum and maximum characters,
case sensitivity...) appear to be working correctly.

Does anyone know why this feature is not working?

I've installed "Security Server 2.05" on a NW 6.5 Sp6 server and updated
the eDirectory schema. NW Client 4.91 Sp4 with NMAS, NICI are installed
on the PC.