I am working on a project which effectively involves the physical movement
of the distributor. i.e. one country to another

What we need to do is re-assign the distributions to a new distributor in
a new location and prevent the distributions it handles from
re-distributing (hundreds of distributions, hundreds of subscribers and
many GB of data!!)

The plan, as it is(!), is to:
a) create the new distributor (same volume structure as existing)
b) resolve the certificates for the new distributor
c) unload/stop the existing distributor
d) copy the distribution source files AND ted working directory to a USB
device (will probably SYNC, using BeyondCompare to maintain time and date
e) ship the device to the other location
f) copy/sync the distribution source files AND ted working directory to
the new distributor
g) use Console One to select the distributions and 'Assign New Distributor'
h) load up the new distributor...

The concern is really around the contents of the working directory and ted
files, etc. Is there anything about the original distributor that could
cause re-distribution?
The distributions seem to use digest, so the questions are really around
what makes a TED file, what's used to create the checksum's, etc.

Has anyone experience of this kind of operation?
Any suggestions?

Many thanks