I'm having 2 issues that I can't seem to resolve.. I don't know if they're
related or not..
#1 I need to make a connection to a web site on port 5151. When I
create the stateful filter.. all works OK for a few minutes then it
The application says it can't make a connection. With filters
it works everytime. After a failure, I can disable filtering, unload
enable filtering, reinitialize system, and set IP back to router mode
TCPCON, and all is well for a few minutes.. then it will fail again..

#2 When configuring a new workstation for the same application, I must
filtering, make a connection, then enable filtering or the new
will never find path..

Any ideas on where I might be going wrong??
NW6.5 SP6 BM 3.8 SP5
Thanks, B.