On saterday installed SP6 for netware 6.5 without any problems.
this was running several days without any problems.
Now we got this error:

Severity = 5 Locus = 3 Class = 0
NSS-2.70-5008: Volume SERVER_NAME/VOL1 had an error
(20012(beastTree.c[510])) at block 577167(file block -577167)(ZID 1).

Before we installed SP5 we where running SP5. Yesterday we enabled OFM
backup on the novellserver, so we are thinking that this could have cuased
these errors. BUT how can we be sure that the volume is correct.

If I run NSSMU, there is NO info if there is indeed a problem with the
volume or HD (Server is build with raid5 and now led of any hardware
problems on the HD)

Is there a save option to run a chkdsk or something.
any idea?