I received the following message on the console of my primary mail server:

11-07-2007 10:00:02 am: COMN-3.25-1092
Severity = 4 Locus = 3 Class = 0
NSS-3.00-5001: Pool GWSERV/MAIL_SP is being deactivated.
An I/O error (20204(zio.c[2260])) at block 20722835(file block
63060)(ZID 3) has compromised pool integrity.

11-07-2007 10:00:02 am: SERVER-5.70-1533
Severity = 4 Locus = 3 Class = 6
Device "[V098-A2-D4:1] Open File Manager Synchronized Device"
deactivated due to driver unload.

The server has been on line all day and is not in a partial abend. Can I
just restart the server or will this cause a problem?