NW 6.5SP6 BM3.9
We use Smartfilter/N2H2 for content filtering of webmail sites and it works
well. However, I want to allow access to any web site (including webmail)
at educational institutions with .edu in their URL. I added a rule to
allow anyone in O=Myorg access to any URL that ends with .edu. This rule
is directly above the rule that blocks general webmail access. However
when I attempt to access a webmail site ending with .edu, I get a 403 error.

Any thoughts on why this isn't working?

For reference, the rule I created is below:

<AccessRule Action="1" RuleNumber="2b86470" Log="1" RuleLocation="string"
Current_RuleName="Allow EDU" RuleName="" License="0" Direction="0"
<NDSObjectList Value="MYORG" Comparison="Equals" Type="None">
<NDSObject value="MYORG" />
<URL Type="Configured" Value="http://*.edu/" Comparison="ends-with">
<Configured Value="http://*.edu/" />