I would greatly appreciate anyone's help in my confusion. I have set up
CIFS shares on several NW65 SP6 servers and I can see the shares when
I browse our network but I can only access 2 out of 4 of them. With one
of the non-accessable servers, I get a Windows authentication window
and I'm unable to authenticate. When I try to access the other, I
received the error: "\\server-w is not accessible. You might have not
have permission to use this network resource. Contact the adminstrator
.... The specified network name is no longer available." Two other
servers are accessible. I've looked at the CIFS settings for the
working servers in iManager and compared them to the non-working servers
and everything seems to be okay. I've never setup CIFS before and I
don't understand why some servers would work and others wouldn't.
Thanks in advance.