Hi there, a week after the application of NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 6 (up
from SP5), the dns server started failing to resovle CNAME aliases.
Initially I re edited these resource records manually only to find that
while name resolution started wokring again, named.nlm would unload after
5-15 minutes.

Starting eDirectory integrated Novell DNS Server...

Loading the configuration and zone data completed.

DNS Server running

critical: exiting (due to assertion failure)

DNS Server is unloaded successfully

DNS Server Exiting

<Press any key to close screen>

I have tried loading DNS with 'NAMED -dc all -dl 0 -s ' to log more data
to screen and to SYS:named.run to see if I can get more data.

Some TIDs have suggested that I may have resource record corruption, what
can I do? dump everything out to a BIND zone data file, blow everything
away and setup again from scratch?

This is a critical issue as the DNS server will just not stay up, help!