My backup sequence is : session 1: Root, session 2: Volume SYS, session
3: Volume Vol2, session 4: Volume Vol1

I have totally same devices as backup, the only different is RAM:
online server is 8GB, spare server is 4GB.

The system is : NW65 sp6 + AS11.1 SP3

I just finished the practical procedure to recover a full bakup into a
new device is :

1.Setup a Netware server with basic setting, but Tree name and Server

2. Install ARCserver 11.1 sp3 with Tape Library Option.

3. Prepare the tapes and insert into magzine of tape library.

4. On server console, restore session #1 to Directory Service. That
means I run restore by seession directly.

5. Restore session #3, #4, and last restore volume is SYS.

6. Before reboot, I also replace C:\NWSERVER by backup on CD-ROM. So
far, all the programs, system, drivers, settings are restored.

By in practice, there are some problems occurred when I restored:

a. In step 4, it exactly restore DS, when the restore is ending,
message is also showed restore successfully. But a error will prompt
immidately: E0171 error getting queue status fc. At this time,
switch console to server command and run load
sys:arcserve\utility\asutil.nlm, then delete the queue and queue
server than create them. This is the first problem and trick to repair

b. After step 6, although all the files are restored by the backup
files, when you reboot server will find, ARCserve cant load, and its
problem is: E4205 BrightStor ARCserve database file ASJOB.DB failed on
integrity check,[20]. But this problem I cant solve it with
solutions on Internet, I reinstall ARCserve finally.

Finally, I reorder the sequence according the reasons as followed:

and I also implement a restore plan from full backup tapes following
this sequence.

Please review and comment this sequence.