Hi, i have been tryin to figure out this issue we are having and am not
sure where the problem is:


In our tree we have all users in a container that have rights to see the
top-level group department shared folder which is correct.
But one of the managers has created a sub-folder which they only want
user1,user2,user3 to be able to view and access and not the rest of the
members of the container.

I have assigned the neccessary trustee rights and also using inherited
rights & filter within windows explorer when right -click on the folder to
the subfolder for user1,user2,user3 and remove the container as a trustee
so that not all the users in there recieve the rights to view it.

But when i remove the inherited rights - this removes the top-level rights
for the container object to view the top level parent shared folder.

Im not sure what to do.

So, basically there is a shared top level folder that all the container
members have access to, but the manager wants a sub-folder within to only
be viewable and accessed by 3 uses in that container.
How do i hide the subfolder from the rest of the members but only allow 3
users in that container to see the sub-folder.

any help would be appreciated

best regards