At our school we have a Netware 6.5 SP6 server witch AFPTCP.NL running.
There are 400 windows cliŽnts and 350 Apple cliŽnts who use the Netware
6.5 server to storage work. The configuration was running quit well until
we expanded the amount of Apple cliŽnts to 450 a few weeks ago. Now the
Apple's have, after a few hours work, very slow performance when working
on the Netwere volume. When that happens, we must unload AFPTCP with
afpstop and then restart AFPTCP with the afpstrt command. In the AFP start
command we have limited the threads to 4. Is there anyone who can tell me
if there is a solution for the slow performance?

The server is a HP Proliant DL360 with a 3.6Ghz xeon processor and 3,5Gb
RAM. The volume is 4Tb on a Equal Logic SAN.


K. Hillen