hi, i want to use the ZenWsBrowser to give the Helpdesk User Access to
Remote Control to the Workstations.

The System have Zen7Sp1IR1, the ZenWsBrowser 4.2 C1 ,

The system for Remote Access is configured like that:

workstation Package with remote policy, propertys are

enable diagnostics ( yes )
enable password based remote management ( no )
enable session encryption ( yes )
allow user to request remote session ( yes )

with this configuration, and start to have access to the remote
workstation, it breaks with an error ..........

if i try to configure in the workstation package
enable password based remote management ( YES )
for a special workstation in C1! and configure a password for remote
access, on the workstation directly and manuell,
and that start to have remote access via ZenWsBrowser ( desktop4.exe ) at
first i start to connect remote via the zenwsbrowser a password windows
comes up, after insert the right password, i can access to workstation
i close the ZenWsBrowser, and use the created shortcut from the
ZenWsBrowser to have Remote Access to the workstation i didnt use to
insert a password for that workstation and other workstations that i want
to request remote.

looks like the following

desktop4.exe need to have a authentication against something, in eDir.
after that i can access all workstations, because of the first

is it possible to configure it, not to need a
enable password based remote management ( YES )

and not to need a first authetication to one workstation.

was zenworks4 in the past working only with password remote ?

what can i do to make it work?


and start to have remote access

i have to