Netware 6.5 SP7
Sybase Inventory Database

Zenworks Inventory Quick Report halts during report creation.

The Inventory Sybase contains scanned results for approx. 2600 workstations.
When creating a report for wks that have i.e. MS and Open Office sw installed,
the report generator halts after reading approx. 870 wks.
It also halts when performing the most simple query.
It's only customized Quick Reports that fails, all other queries seem to work.
Quick Reports worked well in the beginning, but now it halts without any obvious reason.

When halting, just an error dialog box appear, stating:

Export into 'MS sw counting with open office.csv'
"Error ocurred in the Data Export operation.
Retry the export. If error persists, ensure that you use
a valid configuration (Database attributes, Inventory criteria)."

The only option from there, is to click OK, and you're back into C1 per se.
This happens through both C1 v1.3.6f and v1.3.6h.

I've also ran the SYBINDEX routine for reindexing the Sybase,
which runs to completion with no errors reported.

Are there any routines for running a Sybase validation or health check?
This Sybase is just a few weeks old, created from scratch in a new dedicated server.

Ideas anyone?

- Erik