Currently, I have three Netware 6.5 servers which were all licensed in 2004.
I have 120 users with unlimited servers according to the license currently

We have just hit the 120 user barrier so I contacted a supplier requesting a
10 user upgrade. He said they were sold in packs of 5, but my current
license packs are 6 user and I have 20 installed.

Anyway, I got my link from Novell, have downloaded and gone to install and
it suggests the license is:

NetWare 6.5 - MLA/CLA Unlimited Server License No User Licenses Required

What does this mean exactly? Does it mean if I install I can have one server
with unlimited access, but the other two will still cop out at 120 users?
I'm a bit confused! Have Novell changed their licensing strategy from my
current one?

Really appreciate any help you can give.