We're running Bordermanager 3.8 sp5 (no VPN), Surfcontrol 6.1, on Netware
6.5 sp6. Our resolv.cfg is pointed to a known good working DNS Server.
Howerver, we've been having problems with our XP workstations using IE7 and
the DNS set to the Bordermanager server. The workstations are taking a long
time to load a website, especially a site that has not been accessed before.
After it times out after about 30 seconds, it will display the message that
"Access is Denied because you are not logged in." However, simply hitting
refresh at that point allows the website to come up. I've looked into the
DNS side, but I'm not sure if that's the real problem. Could it be a
problem with Surfcontrol or possibly the proxy itself having problems with
the initial website lookup?