I am new to the ZAM product and am wondering if this is a capability of
the program. I currently work for a school district who has implemented a
one-to-one laptop program. I am wanting to track maintenance information
on the equipment we have and was told that ZAM might be able to do this.
What I would like to collect is keep a history on all of the laptops that
have to have vendor based repair. Any parts that are replaced would be
entered so that we can see what maintenance history and judge whether we
have a problem with a specific laptop or a model of laptop. I would also
like to track who is associated with the laptop. that way if the laptop
changes hands two or three times we can track who had it and what type of
maintenance was done during that time.

Is this something ZAM can do or is there a product we can get to solve
most if not all of these problems?

Thanks for the help.