We're finally getting around to retiring the old Netware 5.1 server
that's running the nwftpd.nlm.

On the new server, ftp is installed and running - made changes to the
SYS:\ETC\ftpserv.conf file to match the old settings.... unloaded and
reloaded the nwftpd.nlm (via unload and then ftpstart.ncf - which call's
that .conf file).

Login is only working for users who's context is in the same contect as
the server. I've changed the "DEFAULT_FTP_CONTEXT=" to be the
..o=<root>, which didn't seem to change anything. We've futzed with and
added the "SEARCH_LIST=" to use the <root>:s (which the doc says will
search below there), added the context explicitly of ou=context.o=root
as well as context.root. Spaces after the comma seperations, no spaces...

Any ideas of what I'm missing? I can log in as one user (the one user)
from the same context as the server and as admin - anyone else I've got
to log in with .user.context.root - which works.