We currently have a couple user OU's that use a simple 8 character UID. We
have also created one OU that contains and alias to everyones 8 character
OU. This alias is in the form of first.lastname

When logging in with the vista client, the 8 character UID works like a
charm. When logging in with the alias Vista will come back with a second
login box asking if I am sure I want to login with my aliasID since I am
already logged in with my UID. So for some reason it thinks I am already
logged in with my UID and attempting to log in again with my aliasID.
Another wierd thing is that the aliasID that shows up in the second login
box has a period in front of it. If I select yes to login using this alias
it fails because the password is not correct.

It seems to me like when using an alias, it logs in to the UID with the
username and password and then tries to login to the alias with a blank

Has anyone else run into this situation or have any suggestions?