In 2003, Novell announced the acquisition of SuSE Linux and stating that eventually they would like to move their services to a Linux kernel verses a NetWare kernel. In 2005, Novell delivered Open Enterprise Server and showed the world that their services could and do run on the Linux kernel. At BrainShare 2006, Novell stated that even though they are moving toward a Linux kernel for their flagship products, they would be supporting NetWare 6.5 until 2015.
Now I ask you, does reading this make you think you might want to one of the following?

a) Start to find out what this Linux thing is all about
b) Get frustrated and succumb to all that is M$
c) Reject reality and pretend that NetWare is eternal
d) What do Linux mean?

I read the support forums and attend Novell's seminars and I am surprised at how many of the loyal Novell NetWare cheerleaders have not even thought about or even looked into learning Linux! Folks, let me start by saying that I have worked with NetWare since ELS II. I have always been a loyal, nothing-can-touch-NetWare kind of person for 20 years. I've worked with most of their product line and continue to, but when they showed me that the future of Novell's products will be based on SuSE's kernel, I jumped on it. OES on Linux is sweet. There are even things you can do with eDirectory on Linux that you could never do on NetWare!

So, consider this my "Call to Arms" for others to get on the stick and start learning SuSE Linux! If you think that Novell is going to bail you out and support NetWare forever, you might want to pull your head out of the sand. Linux is not that difficult! Heck, most of you are my age and are used to a command line from the old DOS era. Most of the Novell services that run on Linux look and act almost identical to the way they do on NetWare.
You moved from NetWare 2 to 3, and then to 4. From Bindery to NDS and then eDirectory.
This is just another link in the Novell evolutionary chain.