OK, first I know that RSYNC on full NW65 is not supported by Novell...
That said, let me go on in hopes someone will help... I am using RSYNC to
replicate school site data to a SLES 10 server, and most sites are working
very well. The issue comes up when I try to replicate my GW backup. Let me

I first run a dbcopy backup of my domain and Post offices into a backup
directory on my SAN. Then I RSYNC the backup to the SLES box. Due to the
size of the domain, RSYNC will grab as much as 65 Mb of RAM before the
list is built and the copy starts. Then after the copy has started, for
some reason it will stop copying right in the middle of a randomly
selected file. If I unload RSYNC and reload it, the copy will start at the
point it stopped and then run for a while before stopping again. I have
tried trimming the jobs down and running multiple jobs in effort to limit
RAM used. Is there some limit on how much RSYNC can do at one sitting? I
had no problems running the initial copy on school sites, some of which
were up to 60 Gbytes of data. And the school sites are working very
nicely... I have upgraded to version 2.6.3 of RSYNC but same issue. Oh
yeah, these are NW65SP6 servers, clustered and running GW701. The latest
patches are installed short of the CLIB issue, which is scheduled for this
Monday. (We never get holidays, do we?)

Any way, if any one is looking at this forum, can you please offer any
ideas...? And if so, can you please e-mail me?


Todd W Carter, CNE, MCNE
Senior Novell Engineer
Marketware Technologies