As I am sure you have heard me complain, I have installed and began to
implement an Exchange 2007 server this month. I am migrating mail boxes
by location and department. I began last week by moving the users here
at the main office. There is one shared computer at the front desk that
the Admins from each department use when they cover the phones. They
all have been trained on OWA so I didn’t have to be bothered with
setting each user up on the PC. I use scripts and GPO to apply all the
settings the need to work. They have a favorite in IE to take them to
the OWA. Well since I have implemented a new Exchange server they now
how two links. One is named Old and one is named New. So...

ID10T user: “I can’t log onto my mail and I have to get this
spreadsheet out before lunch”.

Network Admin: “OK, no problem. You already have the page open. You
just need to log in.”

Network Admin: “Type, back slash...” the Admin pauses and
the users hits the tab key to put in a password.

Network Admin: “No, but that’s ok, just go back up and type username,
then put your password in”

The Network Admin can’t see what the users has type, because they are
standing a respectful distance behind the user’s chair.

The ID10T user types it in and hits ok.

The login box pops back up.

The Network Admin looks closer.

ID10T user has typed username after\, i.e.\username

The Network Admin takes a deep breath, “No, you need to type YOUR

ID10T user: “Oh, you didn’t tell me that.”

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