I run 6.5.5 - we are a sub-domain of our main school and in my DNS server
I have my zone (which is "server name.sub-domain name"). I have a few
references to servers up at the main school ("server name.original
domain") in my zone. I forgot how I created them. Since we are the
sub-doamin all the records I create have my sub-doamin name grayed out in
the right hand box. All I can put in is the Owner name and IP.

OK - say I want to make a resource record of a server at the main school
in my zone (sub-domain) - I click on resource record and enter the owner
name of the server dot original domain and IP and i get:
"server name.original domain.my domain"
Where what I want is just:
"server name.original domain"

My question is how can i get a reference to a server of the main school
with the original domain in my zone (sub-domain) when it automatically
fills in the dot sub-domain portion of the address.

Do I use a different type record?

Any help would be appreciated - RJM