From Paul Thurott's Newsletter...

"From the Big Surprise Department: Microsoft Delays Surface:
It looks like Microsoft's futurist Surface table computer is still
futuristic: Despite claiming earlier this year that the table would be in
hotels, restaurants, and casinos by the end of November, Microsoft is now
saying that it's delaying the release until sometime in 2008.

"What we have found out is this is not a one-size-fits-all solution," said
Microsoft Director Mark Bolger. Here's what I recommend. You guys need
Microsoft Surface Living Room Edition 2008, Microsoft Surface Nightstand
Edition 2008, Microsoft Surface Home Office Edition 2008, and Microsoft
Surface Kitchen Table Edition 2008 for this year, and then maybe next year
you could expand beyond that. I'm thinking TV stands, counters, and, what
the heck, bidets. Blue screens will never be so unexpected."