I am having issues with my Microsoft server running it's processors up to
SQL side: The server has 8 gigs of ram and 4 - 3ghz processors, so it's no
put put. Windows 2003 Enterprise edition server is the OS, 2005 SQL is
loaded and it's patched up. Nothing else is running on it. It does not
authenticate to our domain.

ZCM side: I have 5 Quad Processed servers just like the SQL server running
SLES10sp1. I only have about 40 applications on the box right now. It
connected to eDir for users and group info.

I have been getting strange issues like applications dropping connection
while deploying, saying "Could not download bundle content for "APP" because
a ZENworks Server could not be located." Also, I would get authentication
failures during a ZENworks refresh.

The linux servers all are running at .1% utilization normally, might bounce
up to 5% when I push about 10 apps to 4 or 5 PCs. The SQL server though
stays between 90% and 100% on all 4 processors. To test things I shut down
everything but the first linux server and the processor stayed between 90%
and 100%. I took down the primary and the SQL server went to 0%
immediately. I started the number 2 server up and the SQL server ran
between 5 and 45%, bouncing often between those settings. With the number 2
server online, I started the number 1 server and moments after receiving
pings from the server the SQL server processors started pegging higher and
higher until about 3 minutes after starting up, the SQL server was then
pegged at 90% to 100%.

Anyone have any ideas?