I've just installed the ZEN edition of Admin Studio 8. I'm not familiar with
using it and so I've started experimenting.
I tried both a monitored installation and snapshot installation of
Dreamweaver 8. When I deploy the msi I find that the icon shortcuts are
wrong and when I run the Dreamweaver exe it complains about a missing dll.

I looked at the store where Admin Studio stores the files to build the msi
and the dll is definitely there.

If I use the old ZENworks Snapshot it works like a charm ... :-)

I'm kinda stuck. In that it looks like it captures the dll but it doesn't
build into the msi. I note that Dreamweaver 8 creates two folders in the
Program Files/Macromedia directory and the dll seems to need to be in both
folders. Could that be it?

Some pointers would be gratefully received.