Not a problem, just a question...

I recently set up a 2-node NW 6.5 SP6 cluster. EDir is Works fine.

I was going to run dsrepair/unattended full repair, not because of a
problem, just routine checking.

I started to wonder if there are any issues with dsrepair on a clustered
server. Does it matter which server is hosting the volumes - should it
be the original server, since only that one shows the volume objects in
eDir? Will it check trustees on the clustered volume? I searched Novell
support and didn't see anything that specifically addressed this.

All I've discovered so far is that when run on a server not in the
cluster, dsrepair recognizes that the virtual servers are part of a
cluster and so it doesn't check them the same way it does an actual
server, which apparently fixed a problem in an earlier version of dsrepair.

I just want to know if there are any specific procedures to follow when
running dsrepair on the clustered server.

Thanks for any info!