I want to set up a new serve to run SLES 10 SP1 and XEN. I want to
then put NetWare, SLES 10 w OES and Windows VM's on the box. I am
trying to spec the box out now and am not sure what components will
help the most.

In the NetWare world, I could just throw RAM at it and that would be
the biggest help. Conventional wisdom said that adding a second
processor would not buy you anything. However, with SLES 10 Linux,
would it benefit if I added a second Intel Core 2 Duo processor so
there would be 4 processors? Also, would 4 GB of RAM suffice for this

What about base OS install? Can I run 64 bit SLES for the DOM 0 OS and
then run the 32 bit VM's mentioned above? Is that more beneficial than
using 32 bit SLES for DOM 0?

Any thoughts would be appreciated,.