My HP nx7000 finally died this summer, and I've been using my daughter's
Gateway for about 5 months until I could afford a Macbook Pro (just had to
swap out the hard drive and fix the video driver for Linux, and I was up and
running in a few minutes <g>). I use the excuse that I could support the GW
Mac client if I had a Mac, but really I just decided that since I needed a
new notebook computer anyway, I might as well try something REALLY new for

So, I finally have one en route to me via DHL - says it got to the Aurora,
CO regional hub last night and has departed the facility this a.m. at 3:45,
and yet says that the estimated delivery date is 11/14 - go figure.

Anyway, ultimately I want to be able to test Mac/Linux/Windows apps on this.
My guess is I need VMWare Fusion. Is that my best bet? Just run the Mac
OS as the boot OS all of the time and then use VMWare Fusion for everything
else? Back in June when I first started contemplating this, it was
suggested that I might want to have a dual boot with Linux, but I think that
was before Fusion was out. I've never needed to boot my Linux laptop (which
died a horrid death) to Windows to do any of the Windows testing I needed.
It always worked just fine in VMWare, and pretty much the same thing for
Linux. So I'm guessing that at this juncture I don't need to do anything
"fancy" - just install Fusion? Does anyone here have any experience with
this kind of a configuration?

Thanks for any advice.