In our Vista deployment im facing an issue with Graphisoft ArchiCAD 11, with
Vista Client 1.0 on Vista Business with our NW65SP7 server when I try to
save a file from ArchiCAD I get a funny message stating that there is a write
permission error (I have all the rights on that directory). I was about to
open a call with Graphisoft when I applied "Vista Drivers Update 1" that
causes a blue screen when I do the same operation (looks to me that the ball
is now in the Novell Client side). I tested the file save on a Windows 2003
server and it works with no errors, I tried all combinations of file caching
and oplocks (server and client) without success.
A Wireshark(Etherreal) capture shows that on the Windows Server the application
plays with the file attributes and I guess it is the reason why not getting
the expected results on Netware it fails....

Any clues ?

Thank you