Hello, I'm hopping someone here might have a little insight. I've been
given a supermicro box running an ASUS KBV-X mb, Opteron CPU and all pci
slots (no pci-e or pci-x) it also has 8 250GB sata drives that I'd like
to use for disk to disk backups in a production environment with
NW5.1(soon to be upgraded) & NW6.5. The controller is an 8 channel
3ware 8506-8 Escalade with hardware raid. My question is does anyone
know if its possible(and advisable) to use a generic driver once the
raid is set up so that NW can see the array as a single volume and still
have a reliable solution for the disk to disk backups.

The reason I'm asking here is I'm having a difficult time finding a pci
controller that has driver support for NW6.5.

Any advise would be Greatly appreciated. TIA