I've read the on-line documentation and the Novell Press ZEN Admin book. Since I'm starting from scratch, these are sometimes confusing. Can someone give me a layman's description of creating a File distribution object? I get this far, but then don't really understand where to go from here.

- Create new TED Distribution object.
- General tab, Settings page: leave defaults.
- General tab, Restrictions page: No restrictions.
- Channels tab: Selected one channel (this channel is not scheduled).
- Type tab:
+ Select type to be File
+ Click New Target button, the %DEST_VOLUME% field appears.
+ I'm lost.

I never defined any new variables. I know there are pre-existing system variables, but the values of those must be set somehow. I know you can also put in a path here, like T:\TED_Files, but how does a server understand a drive letter mapping?

Sorry to be such a newbie! I just need a ZfS 101 class for beginners.