Apparently even getting lunch is now a hassle.
First stop...a popular fast food Taco joint.

"Cash or credit"
Me: "Credit"
"We can't do no business the servers down."
Me: "I can't do any either since I have no cash."

<leaves goes to a popular burger joint next door>

Upon entry, there are 3 people ahead of me and someone
screaming in spanish behind the counter about who knows
what. 20 minutes later there are still two people ahead of me.
I give up and go to next place on this 'strip' of restaurants...
a popular Pizza chain.

$4.99 for a medium pizza...ok, too much food
but if they can actually produce said goods then I figure why
not I've already blown half my lunch break and still have no food.
So...10 minutes later I leave with a piping hot Peperoni pie in hand.
Satisfaction at I've got about 10 minutes to eat it...hmm
I think I'll eat half and save the pain of having to try this
stunt again tomorrow.