We normally limit the users to 3 connections, But this last week they have
been running out of connections and we have to increase the number of
connections allowed, so users can login.

Except for adding some replicas to a server, nothing else that I can
identify has changed

The only other thing I see is in the user's object in ConsoleOne or iManager
the General -> Environment -> Network Addresses shows a couple server IP
addresses and the one workstation IP address. To the best of my knowledge is
this field should only to show the workstation's IP Addresses that the users
ID is logged in from?
Is this using the connections?
When a check the connections on the server the user does have a licensed
connections on the server. FYI Audited licenses

These IP Addresses are all so showing up in the ZenWorks remote console drop
down list. May be getting the data from the same location.

What am I missing ?

Netware 6.5 sp6
GroupWise 7 sp2