I am very confused with memory usage in Netware 6.5 SP6. I have a server
with 4GB of RAM and when I go to "View Memory Config" page in Remote
Manager I can see that lots of memory is unused - "Free Memory" is about
1.5GB. I just wanted to use this spare memory and I came up with
tuning MySQL. However when I enlarge only one buffer in configuration
file (innodb_buffer_pool_size) from 64MB to 192MB, I ended up with
"Cache memory allocator is out of memory" error on server console. It
seems that max. memory allocated to MySQL is about 300MB (at least NLM
memory page shows this value when MySQL is running) and every attempt to
increase it leads to "cache memory..." error. Why the server won't use
free memory it has?!? It's a mystery for me, maybe someone could help?