I've successfully installed OES 2 Linux ver 9 on a Dell pe2300 server with
Perc2/sc raid controller (AMI). No problems, I've got the server up and
operational in a test tree.

I want to install/upgrade the server to OES ver 10 and must boot from the
CD to install as an upgrade.

The install fails 'no hard disks were found for the installation'. When I
try to load the drivers from the Linuxrc v2.0.67 screen, there isn't any
drivers for the AMI Dell raid perc2/sc card listed. I didn't see a option
to add drivers from a CD, floppy or usb.

Does this mean OES 10 doesn't support the Dell pe2300 server platform with
an AMI raid controller?
Is there another method to upgrade the OES ver 9 server by using the
current drivers?

Thanks for any information,

Bob Raffety