After successfully installing SLES 10 SP1 and Novell OES2, I go to create
a NSS storage pool out of the 80GB I left unpartitioned. I am presented
with that free space, select it, but then recieve the follwoing error
dialog when I click finish -

"The selected segment is not available. Select pool segements from free
space on an unpartitioned device or a EVMS-managed device."

I suspect this has something to do with my rather cluttered partition
table ... The server has a DOS partition, a Netware 5.1 partition, then a
Linudx extended partition with the root + swap areas defined. I'd rather
not delete anything though (can't go back).

This came about after I looged into hte OES2 server (via Client32), but it
will not allow me to create or copy and files or folders onto the SYS
volume. So I figureed I needed NSS.

Also I tried to use the migration wizard to migrate some containers from a
NW5.1 tree that is also online at the moment. Docuementation says this
migration is allowed, but I get a mesage saying I cannot migrate to a
Linux server?

Playing around, doing reality checks on the possibilties of migrating our
NW5.1 server and services to a new box running OES2.