Let me preface this by saying that I do not actually believe I have a DNS
problem, but I wish to asker wiser heads than mine if that assumption is

I've started having real problems in the last month with DNS names that are
only resolved internally by my DNS server.
The problem is sporadic.
Publically-resolved names get resolved without issue.

The system has been in play for over 10 years, originally as a 5.1 server
and currently as NW6.
I moved the system to new hardware about 3 months ago.
I used Portlock's Storage Manager to image the server from one piece of
hardware to the other, however, so I don't think the change of hardware
would be an issue.


Whenever the problem occurs traceroute, ping and website access are all
Nslookup, however, is always successful.

When attempting to traceroute or ping by name, I get the following error
Unable to resolve target system name xxx.xxx.
Ping request could not find host xxx.xxx. Please check the name and try

Access via the IP address is never a problem.

The fact that nslookup always works is what leads me to the assumption that
it's not a DNS server problem.

Is this a correct assumption?