We're trying to set up the Gateway (the latest from Novell's FTP site) on a 2003 to connect a 2007 system with GW7 (latest). For the life of me, I can't figure out why Exchange wants to compose a new email address for each GroupWise user coming across as a contact. Our email address format, 95% of the time, is cn@domain. So why it can't default to that (policies state that if a contact comes across without an email address specified, it creates firstname.lastname@domain), is beyond me. We have found that some folks who had a preferred name in use (Matt instead of Matthew), have an email address format of preferredname@domain.

Simply put, I want the contact to have the email address of the GroupWise user, without having to jump though hoops to do it.

We've tried some tweaking using Identity Manager, without much success.

Is there something on my Edirectory side that is providing limited info to Exchange?

I can't imagine that we're the first to run into this. I haven't even begun to test email flow between Exchange and GroupWise, let alone calendar/busy search stuff. I really need to get this connector going soon, solidly. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.