Hi All

Not were where to place this.
First Question; Does OpenSLP store registered entries in its config
file or is it purely dynamic (ie held in memory) requiring each system
to register whenever the SLP server comes online ?

My Problem

I have created an OES2 Linux Cluster. I will have more than a couple
of servers in my tree, replacing the current NW65 servers, so I
believe I need OpenSLP.

I want to move SLP to OpenSLP on the cluster,as the servers where
Novell SLP is at the moment will be discontinued.

But I am confused as to how to setup the OpenSLP.
With Novell's SLP it used EDir to have a common database but OpenSLP
doesn't have a common DB so if I want OpenSLP on a cluster should I
somehow run it as a clustered resource like DHCP or should I install
it multiple time in isolation on each Cluster node, but this would
mean that I wouldn't have a common database. And a potencial for
differing responses??

Is there a guideline for this ? The standard OpenSLP guidelines don't
seem to help


Mark Casey
Pegasus Technology Pty Ltd