For some reason my account was "intruder locked out" this morning. I have
reset it and everything, but I'd like to see if I can figure out when it
happened, as I didn't accidentally lock myself out.

According to C1, it will reset on 11/19 at 7:25. Does this give any
suggestion as to when it happened? Is there a default amount of time it
stays locked if you don't do anything?

Also, the "last intruder address" is my ip, though, like I said, it
happened last night, and that machine (my laptop) wasn't actually attached
to the network.

I'm a little gun-shy because we brought up a new IIS server that has the
NW client on it, but it's locked down as tightly as I could make it, and
the locked out account, though it is an administrator on the network,
isn't even on that machine. It WAS, but it has since been renamed and

Anyway, any info you can give would be greatly appreciated!