Having upgraded seven very stable and problem free Netware 6.0 servers in
various offices and all running Arcserve 11, to Netware 6.5 SP6, these
servers all now exhibit the same problem.

After running the evening backups for a number of (between 4 and 15) days
without problem, the backups stop working and Arcserve reports
insufficient memory to start job. Sometime it says memory has been
restored and it starts for another backup - typically the last before the
server has to be restarted.

Messages start to appear on the console screen saying cache memory
allocator out of memory. Backups take increasing amounts of time (up from
3 hours to 12 or more) and the server utilisation starts running at about
60-70% and with utilisation remaining high even when the backup has

Console monitor server memory statistics show that cache buffer memory has
fallen steadily from typically 35% to 10%. Miscellaneous memory has gone
up from typically 19% to 45%.

The servers are mostly all 1 to 1.5 gig memory, with most being 6-9 month
old Proliant G350/G370 with NSS volumes only.

Playing around with BTI.CFG and ASCONFIG.INI settings alters the time
taken for the servers to reach the point where they have to be restarted,
but seems not to eliminate the problem.

Upgrading Arcserve 11 to SP3 has had no effect.

Some of the servers have had in place upgrades to NW6.6 SP6 and others
were installed fresh from an overlay service pack CD for NW6.6 SP6
followed by use of Migration Wizard.

I have followed many postings on several forums hoping to find a solution
and many postings describe very similar or identical problems with
different versions of backup software besides Arcserve (eg BE) but none of
the threads ever seems to reach a conclusion and just dry up.

The problem seems to be that something is gobbling up memory and if we do
not load and run the backup software, there is no problem.

Have I missed a posting which identifies the problem and a the solution?