Product: Zenworks for Desktops 7Sp1 and Zenworks For Server/TED 7Sp1HP5
Subject: Site list update not working with TED and Zenworks for Servers ,
all on Linux
Description: We have an exiting environment with 6 ZfS Servers and now we
brought up a new Server for another location. I configured all same as on
the other Server and the new one created all NAL-Apps at the new location.
But in the Application Site list on the golden App is this Application
missing. So I clicked on the Link up site list on the Distribution Screen
in C1. On ApplicationSite list the App from the new location is missing.
So I removed all and added the new from the new location and now i see all
in the application site list.When I install an app on the client on the
new location NAL is connecting alway th the same (wrong location-server
and i get an msi error 1612 or id=53272 with path=\Wrong serverpath to
I looked on the other tab on C1 at the golden app an I see the backlinks
are going to all other servers without the new one. Software installation
on other locations are ok