I have a couple of questions with Border Manager and S2S VPN. Everything
is up and running, we can ping both servers (Netware 6.5.6), we can ping
workstations attached to each others network, we can access programs from
each others network. Everything seems to be working great. The question I
have is this - on both servers, under Remote Manager, VPN Monitoring, both
show as 'Being Configured'. I do not think that this is an issue but there
is another error in the Audit Log. The error -

"Proposal Mismatch - Quick Mode: ESP - transform mismatch mine: esp des
his: esp 3des dst: xx.xx.xx.xx src: xx.xx.xx.xx cookies
my-his:17B2D88772DE1D61 - 4F15FFD50824F821".

This appears on both servers Audit Log.
Is this a legit error or a information error? I used Craig Johnson's 'A
Beginner's Guide To BorderManager 3.x' but ended up making both VPN's
masters as per Novell TID - 10095268.
If anyone has an insight as to what these errors are and if there is a
fix it would be greatly appreciated.