Hi all,

I am verifying the upgrade procedure for a customer, which currently has
serveral NW60SP4 servers. He would like to upgrade all those machines to
the latest available NetWare (I think it is NW65SP7). I am testing the
upgrade procedure in the lab.

I have repeatedly encountered the fatal java error (the following is
quoted from the SYS:\ni\data\NI.LOG ):

Fatal: com/novell/application/iManager/install/PortalModuleInstallManager
(Unsupported major.minor version 48.0)

This error is occuring only when I choose to install the iManager from
the products list (currently, the iManager is not installed on the
server). When I deselect the iManager from the products to be installed,
the error goes away. I would like to have the iManager installed,
though, at least on some of the servers.

Thanks in advance for any ideas,

Martin Strobl